How to make a simple wire ring

How to make a simple wire ring

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A ring mandrel is useful but not necessary. A dowel rod or a large felt marker could work as well. :)

Nip some wire. 12 to 16 inches should do it. The more you want to wrap, the more wire you will need. You'll see in a mo'.

With the bead centered on your wire, wrap the two sides of the wire around the ring mandrel. I find a half size larger helps!

Pull the two sides back around to the top where the bead is. At this point, your ring band will be two wire thicknesses. If you like a thicker band, wrap one or both sides around the mandrel again.

Now curve the wire tightly around the bead on both sides.

Wrap evenly with both sides until you have the desired size. I suggest wrapping in half turns from one wire to the next.

Coil the a wire around the band of your ring at least twice. Nip the remainder and pinch lightly with chain nose pliers. This step is important. If you don't pinch the coil closed, it may be sharp. :/

Repeat with the other side.

Done! Cute, no? Here are a few more examples! I hope you enjoyed crafting!

Super happy with the color contrast on this one. Aluminum edges like the ones here can be touched up with a sharpie and top coat nail polish.

Faux moon stone and silver tend to go well with anything. :p

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