How to paint black and gold nails

How to paint black and gold nails

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These are the polishes I use, the black is from Walgreens and the gold is from forever 21.

Start with fresh pallet!

Paint them black. I had to use two coats.

(Optional) dunk nails in ice water for about 15 seconds and they will be dry as soon as the water dries off of them.

Dip a q-tip in nail polish remover and clean up messy edges.

Add a thin layer of gold polish covering entire nail. To get a thin layer brush on edge of bottle on each side to remove excess before painting.

Repeat previous step, but this time only go half way up nail.

Now add a few layers of glitter to the base of the nail.

Continue to pat polish onto bottom of nail until it creates an ombré effect.

Repeat on other 9 nails and finish with a clear coat!

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