How to make banana crepes

How to make banana crepes

Gather your ingredients. I forgot to take a picture with the eggs...

Peel your bananas... 8 bananas make up for 1 bowl :) this should help you a lot

Mash ripe bananas with a fork or a potato masher first (the hardest part of the recipe). 2 bowls of mashed bananas need 1 bowl of starch. In the same way, 4 bowls of bananas need 2 bowls of starch

I used tapioca starch, but you can use any type of starch

Add 2 eggs if you have 4 cups of bananas. If you only have 2, add 1 egg so that it won't stick to the frying pan

Mix well so that it becomes homogeneous

Put oil in the pan. The crepes will absorb it so if it is too dry, add some more oil

It should look like this

Yummy! And you don't need to add sugar! Enjoy it with some vanilla ice cream...

Watch the video: Choco Banana Crepes (January 2022).