How to play uno

How to play uno

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In this guide, I will be teaching you how to play UNO

These are the normal cards

Other than the normal cards, there are special cards.

Now lets get started!

Distribute the cards equally to each player

The goal of this game is to get rid of all these cards

Pick a random card from the deck

Keep the card on a surface

Decide who'll go first, in this case I'm the first to go, you can only place the card with the same color or number. The starting card is yellow-1,I'll choose yellow-6 because its of the same color

In this photo you'll see that my brother had placed a red-6, the previous number was yellow-6 ( same number)

Uh oh, it looks like I don't have a card that goes in with the current card

Not to worry! You can always grab one card from the deck

But if the card you just pick didn't match the current card.. Just keep it with you

When it comes your turn again. You can grab another card and see if it matches (color or number)

The card I just picked was red-7, if the card you picked from the deck matches the current card (color or number), you may directly place it

Lets get to the special card, this special card is used to skip the next player's turn Eg:- there are 3 players ,1 uses this card, 2's turn get skipped and 3 gets to play

It must be placed on the card which the color matches, ( if this special card is yellow, you have to place it on another yellow card)

You can even place the spec card of a different color on the same spec card

Which skips the next player again

Ah.. This one.. It is used to changed the color (and the number) of the card Eg:- 3 players are playing, 1 uses this card and changes to blue, 2 has to use a blue card, 3 uses a blue card too.

It can be placed on any card of any color or number, the player who placed this gets to choose which color

The next player should use the color the previous player has chosen

This card is similar to the skipping card except that it gives 2 cards from the deck to the next player Eg: 1 uses this card, 2 gets 2 cards from the deck

This is a powerful card in game, it gives the next player 4 random cards from the deck, Eg: 1 uses this card and chooses which color, 2 gets 4 cards and has to place the card of the color chosen.

It can be placed on any card, and the person has to choose a color to change the previous color

This is the inverter, it inverts the players turns, Eg: 1 is 1st, 2 is 2nd, 3 is 3rd, and this card is placed by 3 the order goes:- 3 is 1st, 2 is 2nd and 1 is 3rd

If you're playing UNO 1vs1, and place ths card, you get to play again, so in 1vs1 this card acts like the skipper, it must be placed on the card with the same color

Hope you enjoyed (thanks for my brother who shared his uno collection with me)

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