How to create an elastic skirt

How to create an elastic skirt

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Supplies, you will also need a pen

Tread your sewing machine

Cutting the fabric. Mark where you need to cut it

The length of the fabric should go around your waist twice. The width should be the length of where you want it on your legs. Add an inch for a hem. Then add the length of your elastic and make sure

it can fold over the elastic will half an inch so you have room to sew it.

Pin and hem the bottom

Pin the pocket for the elastic and sew the edge

Sew until you get a 1/3 of the way and stop. Skip 5 inches and then start sewing again.

The elastic should go around your waist with a little extra.

Start putting your elastic through

When you get to the opening pull it without losing the other end

Sew the opening shut

Now the hard part. You elastic will be shorter than your fabric so you have to bunch the fabric to get the other end

Pull them together so they bunch

Put it inside out and pin it so it fits for who ever you are making it for

Sew it and back stitch the elastic really good

Cut off extra


A cute little skirt!

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