How to make napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls

How to make napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls

Cut toilet paper core in half with scissors

Take one cut roll and measure out your fabric, cut the fabric to fit.

Make one line of hot glue across the roll and press the fabric into the glue WITH A TOOL! Don't use your fingers like I did. I had to rip my finger off of the fabric. Painful!

Roll the core onto the fabric.

Put another line of glue where the fabric meets and press the glue into the fabric so each ends of the fabric touch.

Now that the fabric is glued to the roll, you are going to put a circle of hot glue on each side and press the extra fabric inside the core.

See...I used my fingers to press the fabric in! Stupid!

Next, put a tiny drop of hot glue where the fabric ends meet and press the jute into the glue.

Wrap the jute three times around and hot glue the end down.

Make two bows and glue the to the opposite side of where the jute ends meet so you can't see the meets.

I used different colors of ribbon just to change things up.

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