How to make personal pumpkin pies from scratch :)

How to make personal pumpkin pies from scratch :)

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This was my garden in May. We planted the pumpkin seeds at that point.

This is a seed that sprouted into a pumpkin plant ;)

Here's one of the itty bitty pumpkins growing :)

Another month or two went by and look at the pumpkin growth!

The plants went bonkers!

Here's the one that I chose for this guide. It was one of 20 or so that we picked from the garden at the end of September.

Preheat oven to 325F.

First you'll need to cut of the top of the pumpkin.

Look at those seeds! Time to get those out and ready for toasting :)

Get a spoon and dig 'em out!

Then you can cut the stem off of the top so you can toast that piece too :)

Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray it with non stick cooking spray.

Lay your pumpkin top down.

Finish digging for all those pumpkin seed gems....

A close up view...

These are all the seeds that I got.

Now cut the bottom in half and then quarters..


And now quarters..

Time to get the guts off...

Use a knife and scrape/cut all the guts off..

All cleaned and ready to roast!

Now it's time to put your pumpkin pieces into the preheated oven. Set the timer for 90 minutes and while you're waiting, you can make a crust dough.

I am making this gluten free pie crust dough. We'll see if it turns out good or not. Fingers and toes crossed :)

First dump the mix into a bowl.

You'll need 20 tbsp of butter cubed, so use this much and cube it.

See? I cubed it and it's ready to add to the mix.

Adding butter...

Now the butter must be cut in, so use a pastry cutter or whatever you want to cut in the butter.

Should look like this...

Get some really really cold water ready...

And add in by tablespoon until you can bind the mix together to make a dough ball.

I had to add a lot of water, but do it slowly to achieve a dough ball that isn't too wet but able to stick together.

This is my dough ball.

I put it into the refrigerator for I hour to firm up a little.

Here are the ingredients for the pie minus the dough and pumpkin, that is roasting at that moment.

The pumpkin finished roasting so now it needs the skin off.

All the pieces are skinned now..

Please compost your scraps. It's good for the environment ;)

Time to roll out your dough, so get it out from the refrigerator now.

Now it is time to get the crusts cut for the individual pies. Use a glass and cut circles out of the dough.

Like so...

Cut squares of parchment..

Layer one over the other..

And squish it down into one of the sections of a cupcake pan.

Now it's time for the circle of dough.

Take your circle of dough and lay it over the parchment...

Use your fingers to fit that dough into the parchment area making it even all around.

These are all done.

Time to cut your pumpkin and get it into your mixer.

Mix it up..

Add your spices in, your cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg, and some salt.

Mix up your eggs and dump them in also.

There they go!

Mix it up..

Time to add in the evaporated milk.

Mix yet again...

Put your pie shells into a 425F oven for 5 minutes to get the bottom a little crisp.

Fill your shells with the pumpkin mixture and cook at 425F for 15 minutes. Then reduce temperature to 350F and cook for another 15 minutes.

I used the rest of the pumpkin mixture to make another pie.

When the center is done, a toothpick inserted in the middle will come out clean. These were done!

My pie took 35 minutes at 350F after the initial 15 minutes at 425F.

Here's what my personal pumpkin pies looked like up close.

Ahhhh, the finished product!!!! Yum :)

You can also toast the pumpkin seeds which I did and they were delicious!

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