How to draw a basic face

How to draw a basic face

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Gather all our equipment together

Draw the shape for the head. It looks a bit like an upside down egg shape

Measure the length of the head

Mark halfway for the eyes

Half of that for the nose

And half of that for the mouth

Draw a line all the way down the centre

Draw a lemon shape for an eye on both sides, ensuring there is the width of another eye in between

Here are both the eyes

Add in two shapes like ( ) inside the eyes

On the nose line draw a wide u shape in the middle

Add upside down arcs on either side of the centre for the nostrils

Add some more ( ) shapes either side of the nose shape

Add a u shape in the middle of the lips line

Put two lines coming off either side

Put in a wide u shape at the bottom for the bottom lip

Put in some eyebrows

Follow the eyebrows round for the nose sides

Draw in a dark circle in the centre of the iris for the pupil

Draw in texture for the iris

Add detail on the eyelids and under the eyes

Put in two lines coming in from the corners of the mouth

Duplicate the u shape on the top lip

Add in a curved line on top of both eye brows, I find it helps to add hair

Draw in hair by doing curved lines from the inside out

Rub out the guidelines

This is the result

Add a small arc in line with the eyes for the ears

Do the same but the other way round in line with the nose

Widen it out and join up to make the full ear

Here are the ears

Add more detail if you like on the chin

Put in some lashes

And add a neck

Draw a brief out line of where you want the hair to be

Colour it in keeping the flow of the lines

Here is a close up

Do the same to the other side

Colour in the lips using vertical lines close together

Here is the result. I hope you enjoyed my guide to draw a basic face

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