How to create a cute braided look with ribbon

How to create a cute braided look with ribbon

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Start by pinning the front of your hair back. (If you like part of it down in the front or bangs leave this down. )

How I prefer my the top part of my hair pinned back.

Take a ribbon mine is about the length of my arms but this all depends on the length of your hair and how far you want the braid to go down.

Take you loose hair and put it in a temporary light pony in the back.

Then wrap the ribbon around your head comfortable tight. Tie a knot. Leaving both sides of the ribbon even and falling loosely.

Take out the pony and divide your hair in two pieces add in the ribbon to have three pieces for braiding.

Start your braid and make it tight. *Tip: try making the ribbon flat not twisted in the braid.

About half way down I stopped my braid. (If you like keep going just leave about an inch on the bottom ) *Tip: leave the ribbon on back of braid before you tie it. This will help with next step.

Pull lightly on the braided pieces to make braid look thicker. Avoid to much on the top of your head so braid doesn't come undone.

Look something like this.

With the ribbon wrap both sides around elastic to hide it.

Should look like this when done.

Then tie in a knot.

Follow up by tying into a pretty bow.


Braided bow.

Hair done by makeupbyjordana.

Watch the video: 4 strand ribbon braid - simple hairstyles with ribbon (May 2022).