How to clean your jandy pool filter

How to clean your jandy pool filter

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The first thing you want to do is clean around the area where you're going to work by blowing all of the dead leaves and pine needles away

It's not essential to turn off the power but if you're going to be cleaning your chlorine generator then you should shut down all the power switches

Close the main bottom drain solenoid on your system to prevent water from draining out of the pool while you're working

Locate the air release valve at the top of the filter and turn it to open the valve

Locate the drain at the bottom of the filter and open it. Naturally water is going to rush out

Look at the locking nut that holds the steel strap around the center of the filter and loosen it.

When you can remove the steel band and place it to the side. You're going to hose this down later to clean it up

Using a slight twist to the left lift up the top dome and put it to the side

Remove the water distributor cap, hose it down. clean the little steel filter on the top and put it to the side

Lift the first filter out place it next to the filter assembly and start to hose it down using a gentle hose spray. Work from top to bottom until you see clear water running out at the bottom

When you're finished the first filter this is what it should look like. Do this for the remaining filters replacing them after you've cleaned them

Replace the water distribution cap

Put the dome back on making sure that your pressure filter is facing forward and replace the steel band

Now clean the basket in the pump and replace it

This is a good time to remove and clean your salt water chlorine generator following the instructions from Jandy

Before turning on the water remember to open the drain solenoid that you closed in one of the earlier steps

After tightening the band around the filter (don't over tighten) and replace the drain cap you're ready to turn on the power and turn on the pump. Close the air release when water comes out the top

Here's a look at what you'll need- your , blower, wrench, muriatic acid, measuring cups, container and instructions for the chlorine generator

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