How to pull and dismantle vw mk2 golf 1.8l block

How to pull and dismantle vw mk2 golf 1.8l block

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Jack it up!

Disconnect battery... Remove if desired.

Unscrew oil pan bolt! - 19mm socket.

Drain the oil!

Disconnect airflow sensor

Pull vacuum line from intake manifold and...

...from the pressure governor.

Leave connected to air cleaner!

Disconnect idle air stabilizer sensor

Loosen clamp on stabilizer hose to intake manifold

Leave hose connected to idle air stabilizer!

Loosen clamp on hose connected to throttle body.

Pull hose from throttle body

Lift air cleaner to expose lower exhaust hose

Loosen clamp on lower exhaust hose

Remove air cleaner, vacuum lines and idle air stabilizer as a whole unit.

Loosen C-Clamp from lower radiator hose.

Pull hose to drain coolant from radiator

Remove pivot bolt from Alternator - #6 Allen Wrench

Remove sliding bolt from alternator - 13mm Socket

Pull the belt from the alternator pulley

Pull the alternator off the mount and remove the wire clamps

Note the position of the wires

Remove small nut - 8mm Socket

Pull the boot from the larger wire and remove large nut - 13mm Socket

Note the position of the plug wires to the distributor

Pull plug 1...

...plug 2...

...plug 3...

...and plug 4!

Remove the plug wires from the distributor cap

Time for the spark plugs... Plug 1! - Deep Welled Plug Socket

Plug 2!

Plug 3!

Plug 4!

Disconnect Coolant Temperature Sensor

Loosen the top bolt mounting the coolant temperature sensor housing to cylinder head... - 10mm Socket

...Remove the bottom bolt... And then finish removing the top bolt (This helps to avoid cracking the housing).

Loosen clamp connecting hose to the fuel pump...

Pinch C-Clamp connecting top radiator hose to radiator...

...and pull the hose!

Carefully pull the hose from the fuel pump (the dip stick makes this difficult).

Take the hoses out as a whole unit

Loosen clamp on hose connecting head cover and intake manifold

Pull directly up on the oil screen from the head cover

Off it goes!

Remove bolt fastening bracket to head cover - 10mm socket

Now for the head cover bolts... All 8 of 'em! Bolt 1! - 10mm Socket

Bolt 2!

Bolt 3!

Bolt 4!

Bolt 5!

Bolt 6!

Bolt 7!

Bolt 8!

Once the bolts are removed, the reinforcement strips are free. Set them aside.

Tilt the head cover back and lift it out at an angle (may need to shimmy it out if pinched by the intake)

Now we're down to the cam shaft cover!

Loosen the belt tensioner - 14mm Socket

Pull the belt tensioner out...

While sliding the belt off the camshaft pulley

Once freed, rest the belt on the lower pulleys

Loosen the clamp on the BLUE fuel return line

Pull the fuel return line from the fuel pressure regulator

Loosen the C-Clamp on the BLACK fuel supply line.

Pull the fuel supply line from the fuel rail.

Unscrew the Phillips screws mounting the fuel pressure regulator... Top here...

...bottom here.

Loosen and remove Socket head mounting bolt. - 6mm hex wrench

Pull the fuel pressure regulator from the mounting bracket/fuel rail

Keep the bracket and pressure regulator together

Remove the socket head mounting bolt securing the fuel rail to the intake manifold.... Left here... - 5mm hex wrench

...right here.

Disconnect fuel injector wire harness

Pull the fuel rail (with injectors) from the head. This will require some shimmying and a good amount off effort.

To be continued...

See that exhaust hose?

Loosen the clamp from the exhaust manifold... And remove the hose!

Time for the head bolts!!! - 12-point (13mm) star bit

With a Torque wrench, loosen head bolts starting from outside bolts to the center bolts.

With a monkey wrench, loosen "---" sensor.

And remove it!

Remove intake manifold mounting bolts - 6mm hex wrench

Loosen bolt grounding wires to intake manifold. - 10mm socket

Loosen screw clamp of "---" hose to intake.

Disconnect sensor behind intake manifold

Pull C-Clamp mounting the throttle cable to the intake manifold.

And it's off!

Pull the throttle cable off!

Pry off the securing clip from the end of the throttle cable.

Remove bolt securing "---" line. - 10mm socket

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