How to make alfredo with broccoli

How to make alfredo with broccoli

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Mix together on medium heat in this order: butter, cream cheese, milk, Parmesan cheese, and lastly garlic to taste. Leave on low once made into a thick sauce.

Boil up some broccoli and make sure it is extra soft.

In a large pot, boil your water for your angel hair pasta.

I like to use garlic powder as my garlic in my recipe.

My friend Nikki told me this is the best angel hair spaghetti, do you agree? What kind do you like to use? And do you like it cooked al dente (firm) or soft like my friend Nikki does?

I like to use this kind of spoon to get my spaghetti out. I hate straining pasta because I'm scared I will burn myself.

See? Makes life so easy haha.

Should look like this when it's done! Mix and eat! Serve with your favorite Italian bread or garlic toast! :)

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