How to make stuffed bell peppers

How to make stuffed bell peppers

I've only recently started experimenting with cooking, so bare with me! I'd love any tips you have to offer! Enjoy.

Grab your three bell peppers and a sharp knife.

Cut the tops off, like so!

Take the seeds any any remaining inside pieces, out!

Ta dah!

Pop them on a plate, here you can either microwave or oven cook them, I microwaved on a 900watt for around 5 minutes. Until they are soft.

Chop your onions

And your bacon! Here I used around 5 rations of bacon, my peppers were to feed 3 people.

Heat up a large frying pan, add a tiny bit of oil, start frying the bacon and onions.

Here are the peppers after microwaving! Wrinkly and soft.

Pop your cous cous in a bowl.

Looking good! I added the bean sprouts at this stage.

Depending on your couscous, add the correct amount of hot water, stir a bit and leave it til it's soaked up all the water.

When your lovely frying mixture looks like this...

Add it to the couscous!

Mix mix mix

Pre heat your oven, I use a regular gas oven and put it on gas mark 5. Put the peppers in a cupcake tray like so. Stuff the bell peppers!

Pack them down so you fit more in!

And pop the lids on!

Middle shelf in the oven

I had some remaining mixture...

So popped it in the bottom of the oven for later.

The peppers should be in until they look like this and parts are slightly brown/black, around 20 minutes will do.

Ta dah! Served with fried salmon, with an Italian spicy pesto and cheese on top.

I put the extra mixture underneath the salmon! Thanks for reading! Tips are welcome. Check out my other guides and my blog on my profile! X

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