How to make a tasty chicken, leek & mushroom pie

How to make a tasty chicken, leek & mushroom pie

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Gather ingredients

Chop leeks

Slice mushrooms

Fry leeks gently in butter for 10 mins or until soft

Mix the flour with a little of the milk to make a smooth paste

When the leeks are soft at the paste to the pan and increase the heat

Add the rest of the milk and the chicken stock. Simmer for two minutes

Add the mustard and chopped tarragon

Add the mushrooms and simmer again for 2 minutes

Add the cooked chicken and remove from the heat

Add the grated cheese

Put the mix into a 2 pint pie dish

Roll out the pastry so it's just larger than the top of the pie dish

Brush the edges of the dish with water

Cut strips from the pastry and press them to the wet edges of the pie dish

Cut out a circle of pastry for the top of the pie

Add the pastry circle to the top of the pie dish and press/crimp the edges. Use any left over pastry to make leaf shapes and add these to the pie top. Use a small knife to make a hole in the centre

Cook in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade for 35 minutes

Whatever isn't used can be frozen!! There's only two of us so this makes enough for 2 big meals

Served up with rosemary potatoes and curly kale. Enjoy!!

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