How to make a denim pocket purse

How to make a denim pocket purse

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Select a pair of jeans with Pockets about the right size for you. Them begin unpicking them from the inside of the jeans. Do not cut them out.

They should like these after being unpicked. If you want to go for an edgier look you may want to try using pockets from different colored jeans.

Measure the inside edge of the pockets and draw a pattern piece for your lining

Place the pattern piece on the material you have chosen for your lining and cut around. (You may want to pin the pattern piece if it helps)

You should have two pieces for the lining that look similar to the picture

Place your lining on the inside of your pocket and trial different colored 5-inch zips (sizes may vary)

Turn the zip so the wrong side is facing up and place your lining near the teeth.

Sew in a straight line until you reach the head of the zipper

Sew the other side the same way. Pinning helps keep sewing straight,just stop the machine and take the pin out before continuing.

It should look similar to this when you are finished.

Now flip your unfinished piece around so the zipper is facing the right way up and so the pockets along the top exactly the same way as the lining. See pictures

It should look similar to this when you are finished.

Now unzip the zip about 2 inches down and gather two pieces of lining together and sew around the bottom diagonal edges and one straight edge. Swipe for picture

The third edge is important a you will need it later to pull out your bag. Now stitch the two pockets together around the edges; there is no need to leave a space here . See picture for reference

Now reach in through the gap and pull out the denim

After pushing out all the material you should have a little coin purse

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