How to perform heat sensing moxa

How to perform heat sensing moxa

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Take a handful of good quality moxa, you do not need ultra pure, maybe a grade below but don't use the crap they put in pole moxa either.

For cones that you want to burn on the body the base should be about the size of your thumb nail. For limb points the base should be about the size of your pinky nail.

In general Moxa is tonifying. In this case it can be used to reduce based on the intensity of the heat. The heat levels can be controlled by to variables:

1) TIME- Longer time = more sedating Burning the cone until the patient feels warmth is tonifying. Waiting until the patient says hot is sedating.

2) TIGHTNESS OF THE CONES! Cones with a loose center have more 02 in them and burn at a lower temp. Cones rolled tightly burn hotter.

Cones should be uniform! That means even shape with curved top and simertical base. NO WITCHES HATS OR IRREGULAR BASE! Density should be the same. They need to burn evenly, and predictably.

The technique for rolling tight cones is similar to loose cones. Do not crush the moxa, just use more pressure. Be tender!

Try to take the same size piece of moxa when you roll each cone. Remember you're aiming for the same size and shape to get the most even burn possible.

Once you have rolled enough to treat all the points you want with the number of cones you want you can get started. Usually 3,6,9 and multiples of 3 are good. KOOKIE DAOISTS!

Some tips: More rounds you do on a point, the more sedating, maybe over 9 cones, or let them get hot More point you choose fewer cones on each point. DON'T BURN THE PATIENT!!!!!!

Choose your points, mark them I you like so you don't need to go back and palate each time.

Apply an burn cream, this is homemade shiunko, purple cloud ointment. This acts more as an adhesive rather than a burn guard. Some use Ching Wan Hung, and even Chapstick. Old days, even saliva!

Apply a thin layer, too much makes a mess. Try to be neater than this. Taking a photo and using one hand to apply to the demo hand makes a bit of a mess. I should have asked for help. ;)

That's better a thin layer, about the size of the base of your cones

Now before you light anything, have a bowl of water and someway to remove the lite moxa. I prefer folded cardboard. I've seen people use chopsticks, wide tweezers. Just DON'T BURN THE PATIENT!

Stick a cone on the point. Gently, don't mess up the cone.

Light your incense stick, use a lighter, matches in a clinic may be a bigger risk of fire. Use a Japanese style stick (no wood), with mild aroma. Morning star sells Smoke-less ones.

Please choose your points and theory as it fits your system. You can make a bunch of cones and store them in a cardboard or wooden box indefinitely. And remember:

In all seriousness the technique is simple, feels great and is very safe if done correctly. If you liked this, please feel free to content on any and all social media site.

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