How to make vegetarian mandoo

How to make vegetarian mandoo

It's hard to break apart the noodle so just cook it and then measure out what you need.

I put the cabbage on a microwave safe plate and poured about a quarter cup of water all over it. I microwaved it for 2 minutes.

Now it's cooked :)

Chop up cabbage.

Use a paper towel to gentle press and squeeze the water out of the tofu. It takes awhile so be patient- you don't want your filling watery. When finished, mash it up with your hand.

Measure out your cellophane noodle and chop it up.

Like this.

Chop up chives.

Put it all into a bowl with onion and garlic.

Add in your eggs, shoyu, sesame oil, mirin, sugar, black pepper, and salt.

Mix it all up.

Mandoo wraps.

Get ready to make mandoo. Have a small bowl of egg whites ready to use to seal the mandoo.

Put in a spoonful and wrap it up by sealing the edges together with egg whites.

These are the ones we made :) don't be scared to try to close the mandoo up in a fancy way.

Get your steamer ready. I had to make mine in batches so keep a large cup filled with water near you and watch the water levels.

Steam for 10 minutes on high. They should look like this when you're done.

Put them aside to cool.

You can either fry them up after they've cooled or you can baggy it up to freeze. Do not refrigerate. Also, do not baggy them all like I did- freeze them in several smaller sized bags- easier to thaw.

For frying: get equal amounts of water and oil enough to fry the mandoo. Heat it to medium high and fry the mandoo on both sides till golden brown.

Enjoy! For dipping sauce: 1/16tsp chili powder, 1.5tbsp shoyu, and 1/2tsp white vinegar.

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