How to get smooth and shiny hair

How to get smooth and shiny hair

Gurl ya know we need to brush that hair fo showsies!!

Pop out that oil!!! If you don't have moroccan oil, I seriously recomend you to go and get it like ASAP! It is so crucial to my hair! Moroccan oil and my hair are like besties like PB and J!!

Sorry about the super weird eye! Yikes!! Haha so now that you have your lovely locks brushed and everything it is time for DUN DUN DUN!!!! Drumroll if you will, MOROCCAN OIL!!!

This is about the amount of oil that you will need. For baby hairs, you can use a teeny bit to smooth them down.

Now you need to take the oil and rub it onto your other palm and start from the center of your hair, up, then down on your ends. You can try to use half and just put it on your ends too!

This is the back of my hair. I guess you can't really tell very well soo I will put in another picture!!

This is my hair the next day after I slept on a braid. It isn't frizzy!! It's just tangled!!

Ok guys!! Thank you so much for viewing and I hope you all have any awesome day!!! Request anything you would like to see. Just send me a mesage through my profile and I will deffinately get to it!!

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