How to make apple bran flake and cinnamon flapjacks

How to make apple bran flake and cinnamon flapjacks

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Have a cup of cement because there will probably be swearing. But then again maybe not. Take chances!! Make mistakes !! Get messy !! Most importantly, make flapjacks.

So I was lying in bed thinking about flapjacks this morning but feeling guilty because they're so refined and I should be dieting because I'm getting married pretty soon....

Then I thought about bran flakes. And apples. Then I had an idea and decided to try it and THIS, dear follower, was the result and it was smashing. Try this. Yes yes!

First grate your apples with the skin on. Any apples. Then use your hands or a rolling pin and roughly crush the bran flakes. Make the flapjack mix and add the cinnamon.

Add the apple and bran to the mix and stir it in.

That's the bran flakes, genius. This picture has no purpose.

Drop spoonfuls into a pan sprayed with non stick spray on a medium heat. Wait till you see little bubbles breaking the surface and then slide your spatula under half way and check the underside...

Like that- it should be golden brown. Flip it. Do not press down - you'll squash all the pockets of air that make it light. Leave it alone, it'll cook on its own without you getting physical.

See the colour? Good. Now it's a guessing game. Keep flipping them every minute or so to check if they're golden. That will usually mean they're cooked through. Cut one to test it. Cooks perks.

Look at this. You wanna make these. You can actually make the mix the night before and put it in the fridge. Even easier.

Right? I had preserved kumquats in the fridge so I dripped some of the syrup over and some golden syrup and a couple of those kumquats. Delightful.

These are less guilt laden because the bran and the apples add fibre and vitamins. And it tastes really good.

The golden syrup is a total flagrant disregard for health but get over it. The citrus just elevates it nicely.

Everyone will love you.

I had mine with a cup of earl grey because I'm dignified like that. And because earl grey is the business. Enjoy :)

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