How to cook delicious hong shao rou (pork belly)

How to cook delicious hong shao rou (pork belly)

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Slab of pork belly, the more fat the juicier it'll be!

Boil water

Boil the pork belly to get all the blood and dirty things out.

Barely cooked, slice


Heat oil in wok

Brown sugar

Put it in the wok, and turn heat down to low...don't burn the sugar!

Stir on low...looks kinda scary now

Stir until the sugar caramelizes

Nice and browned

Toss in the pork belly

Turn the heat to medium and let it soak up the sauce

Add cooking wine

Simmer and stir

Add some water, just enough that it doesn't cover the pork belly completely


Break in half and toss in.

Star anise

Toss in and simmer

Turn the heat up and put the lid on.

Add a little red wine if you want

Let it cook

On high for five minutes

Dark soy sauce

Put about two tablespoons and shouldn't override the syrupy sauce

A sprinkle of white sugar in case you added a little bit too much soy sauce

Cook until the meat has soaked up all the sauces and spices, about twenty minutes.

Done! The smell is mouthwatering!

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