How to make the most amazing mac &cheese, plus a bonus!

How to make the most amazing mac &cheese, plus a bonus!

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Start out, cut onion in half and push cloves stems in the onion also start water to boil for pasta

Grab the milk

Onion in and pour milk over onion. We are doing this first because you need to heat milk on low so it doesn't curdle

Add salt to the boiling water and then pasta

Shred your cheese! Don't take the short cut and buy shredded cheese, it has corn starch on it and cause the sauce to thicken to much.

Grab a sauté pan and melt the butter on med heat.

Once the butter is melted, whisk in one spoon full of flour at a time

Should look like this! No more liquid butter! Pat yourself on the back, you just made a roux! Take off heat and temper in milk one ladle at a time

Once all the milk is in, you get another pat on the back, you just made a Béchamel sauce, not add cheese and fold it in (heat is off) also drain your pasta while you are folding in cheese. Add pasta!

Taste it! It is amazing Mac & cheese!

Now lets take this amazing Mac & Cheese and turn it in a amazing meal!! Now grab the gear stick, hit the clutch, and shift into hi gear!!

Chop the rest of the onion.

Chop green pepper and throw them in a sauté pan!

Chop mushrooms and in the pan don't forget to season! (Salt and pepper)

Cook on med high heat till soft!

Fold all that in your Mac and cheese

Season chicken breast and in the pan! Cook till 165 degrees

Pull and rest for 3mins

Chop your chicken and in the Mac and cheese. Place Mac and cheese in a casserole dish, remember to spray your dish with cooking spray!

Grab your panko we are about done

Top your Mac and cheese and in the over at 400 degrees

Just brown the bread crumbs! Takes about 20 mins.

There you have it! Center if the plate, Mac & Cheese!!

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