How to make mashed potatoes with onions

How to make mashed potatoes with onions

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Hi there! Have you ever stayed alone at home with nothing to eat? You are a failure at cooking but craving for food? This guide is for you!

You will need a cooking pot, a potato masher, spatula, frying pan, a knife, and a cutting board.

First gather all your ingredients, few stems of dill, two onions, three to five potatoes, grind pepper, salt, oil, and two cloves of garlic.

Then skin your potatoes with a knife, then wash them and cut in halves. This way they'll boil faster.

Now take a cooking pot and pour in water about an inch from the top. Place the potatoes inside.

Turn on the fire on average.

Then wash the onions and pill the brown skin off.

Cut the onions to small pieces, make sure to wash the knife so you wouldn't cry :)

Then do the same to the garlic.

Wash the dill and cut it.

Grab a frying pan and pour a table spoon of oil in it. Turn on the fire.

When the potatoes start to boil, add a pinch of salt.

Make the fire smaller so they won't over cook.

Add the onions and garlic into the heated frying pan.

Shuffle them around with a spatula, OR , you can shuffle the pan itself!

Turn fire to medium.

Check if the potatoes are ready, poke one of them with a knife, if it goes in easily it means it's ready.

Shuffle the onions every few minutes so they won't burn!

When the potatoes are ready take two thick cloths and hold the pot handles, supporting the lid with your thumbs, and pour out the hot water. BE CAREFULL.

Is the water out? Good, grab a potato masher and mash the potatoes!

Add in the fried onions and garlic, ( they are ready when they look kind of transparent ).

Add in the cut dill.

Mix the substance.

Time to grind the pepper!

You are done! Enjoy your meal!

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