How to easily remove fur from any dog/carpet for cheap

How to easily remove fur from any dog/carpet for cheap

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If you use a product that resembles a "fur terminater", you know it's an awesome product, but a slight pain. At least I found that. 2 swipes and you need to remove the fur, against the wind...

I picked this bad boy up at the dollar store. Yes, it's a Cat Brush, but it works wonders for many reasons.

You can brush as much as you like without the fur flying off, which means you can do this INSIDE on your couch, while watching TV.

I use this tool to clean my area rugs to get that deep down fur that the vacuum misses. Even though it's tedious, it does a great job.

I also de-fur the car using this brush, as you know it's harder trying to vacuum out the car.

Don't use this trick on a wet dog though, the fur is a pain to remove from the brush. After a swim, I use the saw blade brush.

It comes off in one big ball that sticks together, not a hundred million furs all over the place.

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