How to make almond flavored syrup for coffee ☕

How to make almond flavored syrup for coffee ☕

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This is basically a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) with flavor from an extract. You could probably use any sugar substitute (like Splenda) and experiment with different flavors!!

Add sugar to saucepan...

Add water to sugar...

Set burner to medium heat...


And stir...

And stir until all the sugar is dissolved (it only takes a few minutes) then remove from heat.

Once you've removed pan from heat you can add flavor extract. I used almond but you can use whatever you like and however much you like to your taste.

Flavor extracts are mostly alcohol based, so if you add while on the heat , it could completely evaporate.

Prepare coffee YOUR way! I am brewing iced today :)

Add milk, cream, almond milk - whatever YOU like!! (Sorry this one's a little blurry!)

Add your flavor syrup keeping in mind its mostly sugar dissolved in water. So if you normally use 3 tsp sugar, you'll want to add 3 tsp of syrup.

Add a bendy straw (or don't, your choice!) and ENJOY your homemade flavored coffee at a fraction of the price of your local cafe or donut shop!!!

I hope you enjoy my guide! Please feel free to make comments or suggestions or even ask for guides you want to see!!!

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