How to cook the perfect minced liver - a jewish delicacy

How to cook the perfect minced liver - a jewish delicacy

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Prepare the hard boiled eggs in advance: put the eggs in a pot, add cold water, bring to a full boil, turn the heat off and let sit for 15 minutes. Then move the eggs to ice cold water. Peel when cold

Heat the oil in a large pan. When hot - add the coarsly chopped onions. Fry until onion become transparent and a little brown at the edges. Don't overcook it! It will get more frying in the next stage

Now add the liver and fry. Try to keep the liver on top of the onion, so it doesn't have too much direct contact with the pan.

Fry until the liver completely cooked and the onions caramelized, as seen in the photo.

Put the eggs in a food processor. Use the steel knife.

Add the cooked liver and onions, and the matzo meal or bread crumbs. Add salt and pepper (not too much. You can always add more later).

Be careful not to over process it! Historically, this was minced by hand into a coarse spread. Use VERY short activations of the food processor, for about 1-2 seconds, and steer for even chopping.

Serve with finely chopped onion. You can add parsley for color and looks. Bon apetite! Bete'avon!

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