How to cook chickpea stir fry

How to cook chickpea stir fry

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Gather all your ingredients..chop half an onion. Drain the chick peas

Spray or add little bit of oil in the pan. Add onions. Stir till brown. You can add what ever seasoning and salt. But because im health and calorie conscious i dont add in salt. I added chilli powder

After the onion has softened pour in tomato puree or sauce. Stir for 2min then add in chic peas

Mean while boil ur veg.(i boiled mines because they were frozen) if its fresh you can just add it in

Drain water from veg and add it in the chicpea pureen and stir for 2min

Serve with salad..i only added cucumber but the more the better! You can put it in a tortilla wrap or eat it like this. ONLY 200 CALORIES!!

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