How to make bath bombs

How to make bath bombs

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Your ingredients :) see supplies list

Your equipment: Large mixing bowl, Scales, Spoon, Moulds and a Spray Bottle filled with cold water

Mix the bicarbonate of soda and the citric acid together until completely mixed together and smooth

Seperate into four bowls and using different spoons for each colour mix the dye in drops and stir in quickly to avoid the mixture frothing up

One at a time put 2 1/2 ml of each essential oil into two of your 4 colours and stir in, then spray at first 2 sprays of water into one of the mixes and stir quickly to avoid it fizzing

Push the mix still one at a time as hard as possible into your chosen moulds, them repeat the previous step followed by this one with each of the colours until you've used up all of your powders

Do it in whatever pattern you like :)

You can use pretty much any kind of plastic moulds to make bath bombs

Decorate your bath bombs how you like and display them how you like, I find the more expensive boxes of chocolates make great moulds and storage for bath bombs :) then just chuck in the bath

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