How to make an egg sandwich (without mayonnaise)

How to make an egg sandwich (without mayonnaise)

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Put the eggs into a pot and fill with water. Make sure the water cover all the eggs.

Put some butter into a bowl.

I normally put it near the fire while cooking the eggs for the butter to get soften.

Easier for you to scrap off some.

And spread it to your fav bread. I go with wholemeal.

Boil the eggs for 5 minutes.

When is done, run cold water to cool down the egg.

Ta-daaaaa.. You can easily remove the shell.

Put all the eggs into the bowl with the left over butter and add salt and pepper.

Start smashing with a fork. Smash n mix.

There you go. Is done.

Spread it on the bread as much as you want.

I go without veges as I am preparing it for next day breakfast. Enjoy!

Note: If you think your egg mixture too dry, just add more butter. Assume an egg for a set of bread. I've made 4 sets with 4 eggs.

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